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Lori Watson and Rule of Three Lori Watson and Rule of Three

Formed in October 2004, Rule of Three is an exciting band celebrating the best of the Scottish tradition combined with their own contemporary sounds.

Singer and fiddler Lori Watson is joined by Innes Watson and John Somerville in a “sizzling triptych” of fiddle and voice, piano accordion and guitars.

Here is a fresh approach to some of the best music Scotland's heritage has to offer alongside Lori Watson's own wonderful compositions. Danny Award Winners at Celtic Connections 2005 and Eiserner Eversteiner Nominees in 2007, this is a band that gets your feet stomping one minute, plays with heart-rending emotion the next and leaves the audience uplifted. Music of the highest order.

Lori Watson and Rule of ThreeAUDIO SAMPLES [mp3 - 6MB files]:

Nell (Carbost Polka/For Queen Nell/A Bucket Full)
Capon Tree
/ Physicist / Hot Trod
Maggie (When Maggie Gangs Away/Border Gaitherin)

The CDs :Three and Pleasure’s Coin are available on the Albums page.

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Free tunes!
The Physicist (reel in A) HERE
Border Gaitherin (reel in A) HERE
Ursus Philosopher (jig in Bm) HERE

Lori Watson and Rule of Three

Innes Watson

Innes Watson is another rising star of the Scots music firmament. Here he plays guitar in sensitive and robust accompaniment to Lori's fiddle and voice. 

Innes has chalked up performances at many of the best Scottish music Festivals on the Calendar. Among them are The Scots Fiddle Festival, Aberdeen International Youth Festival, The Highland Festival, The Border Gaitherin, Gigha Festival and Celtic Connections.  

His Guitar influences include Sandy Watson, Jack Evans, Ian Carr, Sandy Stanage and Tony McManus. In 2004, Innes also featured on the Greentrax Guitar Compilation Album 'The Clear Stream' and he is currently also performing with Treacherous Orchestra, Maeve MacKinnon and Maverick Angels

Johnny Somerville

From Abriachan on the north side of Loch Ness in the Highlands, John has spent much of his musical time creating his own unique, energetic style of accordion playing, drawing influences from far and wide, from traditional west coast music through to Galician, European roots music and cutting edge techno and dance.

In the past John has worked with a whole host bands and artists including David Byrne, Franz Ferdinand, Croft No Five, Salsa Celtica, Fire in the Bog and Session A9.  John is currently performing with Box Club, Treacherous Orchestra and Babelfish.

Lori Watson and Rule of ThreeBOREAS
God of the cold North wind.

Melding Norwegian and Scots traditions and innovations, Boreas aim to represent the strength and subtlety of the North Sea music traditions in their contemporary forms. Featuring Britt Pernille Frøholm on Hardanger Fiddle, Lori Watson on Fiddle and Vocals, Innes Watson on Guitars and Irene Tillung on Button Accordion they pull at the fringes of their musical traditions, weaving a new tapestry for a Global Age.

"impeccable taste and skill...sheer talent and ability...combining music and playing styles from Scotland and Norway they entranced the audience"
Evening News


James Hogg

James Hogg was born in Ettrick, Selkirkshire in 1770, just 11 years after Robert Burns to whom he is often compared. Hogg was a writer of songs, poems, plays, essays and fiction - including Confessions of a Justified Sinner, first published (anonymously) in 1824 and later hailed as the first European psychological novel. He was also a fiddle player and used traditional tunes in his song writing.

Hogg's father was bankrupt by the time Hogg was 7 years old. His schooling was cut short and he went into service with a series of farmers. He divided his later life between farming in Yarrow and writing in Edinburgh, earning the rather condescending title in literary circles of "the Ettrick shepherd".

Lori performing with James Hogg's fiddle in Selkirk
"Bringing It All Back Home" - Both Sides of the Tweed festival, Selkirk, October 2005

Having performed with Hogg's fiddle in 2004 in Edinburgh, I was delighted when asked to co-write and perform a show on James Hogg that would bring his fiddle back to Selkirk for BSOTT 2005.

Working with John Nichol (Actor/historian) from Selkirk and Innes Watson we devised an hour-long show of the life and work of James Hogg. The show featured extracts from his literary works and a selection of his known and lesser-known songs as well as tunes Hogg used in his work and a few traditional borders tunes he may have known. The concert was recorded live and is intended for release on CD - we'll keep you posted!

Here is an extract from the local news:

Furthermore the festival is introducing several new features this year given that the festival in a sense is "returning home" i.e. is happening in the town from where it derives its' title. Hector explains: "Both Sides the Tweed" is a song popularly associated with Dick Gaughan, but was originally written by James Hogg, and I've heard Dick himself acknowledge, "when I came across it it didn't have his name on it but Hogg's fingerprints are all over it".Gaughan changed some lyrics and tune but the songs message is essentially the same, and the festival in recognition of this has commissioned a special show on Hoggs music which will feature two of the group "Border Young Fiddles" i.e. Lori and Innes Watson with Selkirk singer/actor John Nicol who has an extensive interest and knowledge of Hoggs work. Like John, Lori Watson has an interest in Borders music and is a B.A.Hons (Scottish Music) who has studied Border Fiddle styles at the hands of the late Tom Hughes and Bob Hobkirk, and on this occasion will be playing Hoggs own fiddle which is to be retrieved from the museum in Edinburgh where it currently resides. Hector continues, "there is something very special about being able to recreate Hoggs tunes being played on Hoggs fiddle in the environment where they were probably first aired centuries ago and have this done at the hands of someone as sensitive to Hoggs work as John and to the nuances of the music and how it would've sounded then as Lori"

James Hogg Symposium

A symposium on 'James Hogg and the Scottish Song Tradition' will take place on Friday 19 th May in the MacRobert Arts Centre, Stirling University. Lori Watson Three will be performing in the closing concert (Lori Will play James Hogg's fiddle) alongside Sheena Wellington and Kirsteen McCue.

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